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27 May 2015

ABS Actuator on Lexus NX

Following the announcement made by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) on 27 May 2015, Borneo Motors (S) Pte Ltd (BMS) has been notified that the Special Service Campaign on ABS actuator may involve select Lexus NX model in Singapore.

This Special Service Campaign is to inspect the serial number of the ABS actuator in each vehicle, and if it is equipped with an affected actuator, the ABS actuator will be replaced, at no cost.

This is a proactive measure Toyota is taking to ensure the continued safety of our Lexus customers.

The involved vehicles are equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control System (TRAC), and Vehicle Stability Control System (VSC) which are controlled by the ABS actuator. Due to the improper shape of a component inside the ABS actuator, there is a possibility that a resin component could be damaged during its press fitting assembly, creating minute resin fragment(s) which could be stuck in the actuator.

If this occurs, the oil pressure control may be delayed when the Anti-Lock Brakes are activated, causing a loss of vehicle stability and increasing the risk of an accident. Under this campaign, BMS will inspect and replace the ABS actuator, if necessary, at no cost.

At the moment, we are still pending further clarifications on the involved Lexus NX model distributed and sold by BMS. We will contact all affected customers upon verification of actual involved vehicles, and schedule appointments to perform the necessary checks and/or replacement.

Customers can call our Lexus Customer Contact Centre at 6631 1388 or email for assistance.

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